Welcome to the Wilder’s Universe!

...yeah, don’t ask about the name, It’s a long story.

This is a world where things happened, some more things happened, and then everything went to hell. And then even more stuff happened!

...okay, okay. Seriously. The WU is my personal had-it-around-since-forever post-apocalyptic-fantasy setting. It started out as rather everything-under-the-sun, but time and not being fourteen anymore has removed a lot of the more over the top elements, and put the focus back on mundane people who are, by and large, just trying to get on with their lives in a world that sometimes makes that rather difficult.

It’s been about six to eight centuries since a combination of nukes, bio-weapons, widespread societal collapse due to infrastructure damage, and the sudden and messy re-arrival of magic on the world scene did a bloody good job of kicking civilization back into the stone age.

Since then, people have done their best to drag themselves back up, but it’s a long, hard struggle, and one not likely to end any time soon.

Like how Magic is around, and while rare, is not quite rare enough to keep rogue mages from being a hazard.

Or how there’s just enough Old Tech around to occasionally lead to killer robot rampages or dangeorus explosions, or really, really nasty plauges.

Or just the fact that metals are expensive and people fight over stupid crud.

At best – in places like the politically and socially stable DeWildar Alliance – you’re looking at a kind of pseudo early Renaisance. At worst, there’s a whole lot of unadulterated wilderness out there, inhabited by some very worrisome things. And in between there’s the full range of natural and people-caused problems that make life hell in any world.

The current campaign itself is going to be a play-by-email ruins-raid, probably updating between one to three times a week. The characters start out in a small trade town about halfway between the DeWildar Alliance and Jinland, making an origin from nearly anywhere in Eurasia or Northern Africa fairly feasable.

Wilder's Universe

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