Miron Korokab

Owner of Abak's only Inn


{ }{ } Innkeep
{ }{ } Family Man
{ } Farmer


Miron is the proprietor and bartender at Abak’s only inn. He also owns the stable and a few acres of farmland.

A dogkin of middling years, Miron’s most distinguishing feature is the fact his hairline extends to cover the back half of his neck, betraying a dash of wolfkin in his ancestry. Beyond that, he’s really quite plain – fawn coloured, short, coarse fur and hair, brown eyes, high set prick ears, and a fairly long muzzle.

Dressed in knee breeches, a loose, long sleeved shirt, and a light apron, his clothing isn’t all that impressive either.

As an innkeep he’s about what you’d expect: Average and predictable. He serves decent food, charges reasonable(if slightly on the high end) rates, and keeps peace in his establishment to the best of his ability.

Don’t try anything cute with his daughters(or, for that matter, his son), and you’ll be fine.

Miron Korokab

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