Anglo France

History: Some time after tEotWaWKI, Britain invaded France, and managed to hold half of it for two generations, shipping over a lot of english settlers in the process. The new country of “English France” later rebeled, installing a local Emperor, and generally getting on with life.

Time passed! Eventually, you got to the Sentile Wars, and the Emperor(and most of his family were killed, and Kayz DeWildar managed to get himself installed as the new emperor after turning up more-or-less out of nowhere and turning the politics of Europe upside down.

More time passed, in which Kayz shaped Anglo france to his liking.

Culture: Anglo france is a massively cosmopolitain place, especially in the large cities. It’s a matter of policy that noone is to be kept out, imprisoned, or otherwise discriminated against strictly on the basis of species/race. It’s got one of the ‘softest’ justice systems you’re like to see, and is one of the most technologically advanced states.

..lest all of this make it sound like a MarySuetopia, it’s still got it’s share of issues – there’s a systematic (if nowadays relatively mild) legal bias favouring ‘kin(which is why they make up a disproportionate number of the wealthiest families), surpression of the catholic church(and any other organizations that question the existance of non-human(or non-kinnish) souls) is outright viscious, and in terms of the legal system ‘soft’ means that you only get sentenced to a workhouse for theft, instead of getting hung.

Cities: New Bristol

Anglo France

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