Available Resources

Hrm. Yes, I probably should write up what resources are commonly available, ja?

As a very general rule of thumb, if it’s not a renewable resource, odds are pretty good that getting access to it is going to be expensive at best, to outright impossible.

Why? Mostly because all the easily exploitable ores have already been dug up and processed, and the tech needed to get at the hard-to-exploit ones have been destroyed. As such, 95% of all metal used in the WU is originally sourced from ruins, which have gotten progressively rarer and more degraded as the centuries have passed.

By a similiar token, crude oil and derived prodicts are virtually unknown, as is coal* in a lot of places.

*Yes, I know there’s still a lot of coal int he ground if you know where to look. But most of the big deposits are remote or hard to access with only handtools.

Available Resources

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