Bearmen! Giant bearmen, that is! Bearkin average about ten feet tall, with the normal range being nine to eleven feet. Honestly, just imagine a Short Faced Bear with a more domed skull, hand-paws for forefeet(still with claws), and a kind of large neck ruff for hair and you’ve about got it.

Culturally, they tend to be…somewhat distant from the norms of other races and a bit insular, just due to the scale issue; nothing human or dogkin made is built with bearkin in mind, and so there is little purely social contact. I mean, it’s not like you can just walk intot he pub to knock back a few cold ones with the locals when (a) you can’t fit in the door (b) the mugs are too small and (c) You can’t navigate around the tables. C_c

The normal social organization is semi-to-fully nomadic family groups, who spend their time either living off the land, or doing contract work for the other races. Bearkin villages, such as they are, tend to be more meeting and over-winter spots, where information is swapped, marriages are aranged, and bearkin sized good can actually be purchased.

They can be found in small numbers practically anywhere where ‘kin are fairly welcome.

Aspect uses:
-Using your nose.
-Unarmed combat (claws ‘n’ teeth)
-Traveler’s common sense

-Anything where weight or sheer bulk is a problem
-Sometime you don’t want to scare the piss out of people…
-Poor vision


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