Bunnies, or rabbitkin. Designed as…ah…’personal assistants’ and native to north america. They’re most notable for ‘imprinting’ – i.e. developing a more-or-less unbreakable fixation on and devotion to a human partner/master.

Fortinately for their value as player characters, the fixation/devotion manifests in massively different ways depending on the bunny’s inherant personality, and it can be overridden by a force of will (aka, burning Fate points).

Having it as an aspect has the following potential applications:
-Anything involving the bunny’s partner.
-Physical flexibility/gymnastic ability.
-Empathy -Physical attractiveness

-Anything involving harm coming to their partner will cause a freak out.
-In general bad effects of having a single person being, like it or no, the center of your universe.


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