Bwarg! Tired! Catkin is cat people. Short. Flexible. Lacking in the collarbone department. Overbuilt digigrade hind legs, to the point one of the vernacular names for ‘em is cabbit. Big ears, big eyes. Cute in a kind of eerie way.

They have their own culture, but they lack what could really be called their own society – almost all of them live intergrated into cities and towns primarily populated by other races. They rarely even bother having their own ghettos, usually only having one or two shops per town that cater to their specific cultural whinges.

Notable for having an overall very weak sense of community and social obligation. <_>< They’re quite capable of liking and caring about individual people, but their interest tends to completely vanish if they’re asked to care about a person they don’t personally know, let alone abstractions like ‘the town’ or ‘kids in Nigeria’. They’ll pay their taxes and all, but mostly because not paying them would be too much fuss, and they tend to be bad at small social niceties.

Advantages as an aspect: -night vision -claws/unarmed combat -acrobatics

Disadvantages: -lack of lifting strength. -impaired color vision -lightweight -lack of social graces


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