DeWildar Alliance

Covers most of Europe, and is culturally fairly varried; make something up in line with the species sub-cultures I go into, and basic “things you can find in renaisance Europe more-or-less” common sense, and you’re probably cool. The only real big notes that need be made are as follows:

(1) Slavery is massively illegal within the Alliance. Which doesn’t mean it don’t happen; it just means that it’s very much a black market occupation, which causes it’s own problems.

(2) Enforced peace: Not that it always works, but it’s been more than ten years since the Alliance or any of it’s component states were directly involved in a war, and a lot longer than that since there was a major internal or external threat. Because of this, the army is a bit understaffed and undertrained.

(3) Legal species equality. As with the enforced peace, this doesn’t work nearly as often as anyone’d like, and there are dozens of loophole laws to keep certain things in the hands of a specific species. Still, it at least means that in Alliance lands, you don’t have to worry quite so much about your legal personhood.

Besides that…you’ve got a lot of choice – scholarly orders are frequent enough, as are mercenary guilds. Magic is known and even an accepted institution in some areas, although never to the degree where everyone in town is a magic user. Immigration is semi-common, since other surrounding nations tend to be rather less stable, but for the most part, people in the DWA were born there, like their parents before them.

Component States:

Anglo France – the northern half of modern france, give or take. Capitol of the Alliance, and dirrectly ruled by Kayz hisself.

DeWildar Alliance

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