Dog King's Sweden

More commonly just ‘Sweden’, but I find prefacing it with the official ruler is handy for filing purposes.

Covering most of modern Norway and Sweden, the WU Sweden is a monarchy, ruled by the Dog-King, a dogkin, and the latest in a line of rulers that goes back Mm. About 250 years. Originally only controlling the southern fourth of Sweden, the Dog-King’s territory was massively expanded durring the Sentile Wars, partially thanks to an alliance with the then just emerging DeWildar Alliance.

It’s currently the longest running monarchy in Europe, although there have been various political hiccups over the years, including assorted assasinations, a couple of mediocre kings and one certifiably horrible one, a 25 year on-again-off-again war between the Dog King’s house and that of a human rival…

Actually, there’s still a lot of fall out over the last one; While the war ended about eight years back with the capture and execution of the rival and his main supporters, there’s still a lot of grumbling going on, and the tension between the human and dogkin residents of the country is so thick you could cut it with a knife.


Dogkin sweden is about 55% Dogkin and 43% human, with the other two percent representing scattered populations of catkin, nimmies, bearkin and other minor races. The two prinary races largely live in segregated towns, with humans being slightly more common in the south, and dogkin more plentiful in the north. Larger towns and cities are much more likely to have mixed populations, for various practical reasons.

Dog King’s Sweden shares a short stretch of border with Wolfkin Russia, as well as with assorted small fifedoms and kingdoms. The borders are…generally peaceful, although given some of the recent behaviour fromt he always somewhat militaristic wolfkin, the Dog King has stepped up border patrols.

Politically, It’s strongest ally is the DeWildar Alliance.

Dog King's Sweden

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