Dragon Land

Ah, North America. Land of the free, the proud, the dragon plauged…wait, what?

A’right. Short version: You know how I mentioned Magic is back in the world in force? Well, part of that is the fact Dragons more or less appeared out of nowhere, and have been making life…difficult for what remained of the North American population ever since.

Like it or not, the dragons have had an overwhelming impact on N.A. culture:

Towns and cities are heavily fortified, and more issolated settlments go to lengths to disguise themselves from the air. Those that aren’t tend to go up in flames about once every thirty years or so.

Mages are persona non grata pretty much universally; along with the general creepy factor, it’s generally thought that they attract the dracos somehow.

Human/kin populations are thin on the ground even after all these centuries; the dragon rampages kill a lot of people (a few thousand every year), but more importantly, they repeatedly take out any attempts at largescale trade networks and attempts to industrialize or develop anything that might be a weapon, or might be hiding a weapon. About the only people who have managed large scale trade and networking are the lonowians, and even they have a really spotty track record.

Dragon Land

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