Also: Djinn, Jenies, Jeanies, Genies, and moddies.

The catch-all term for cosmetically modified humans. Really, most of these people are just funny looking humans, and function as such, including in terms of aspect benefits, although they can also call upon the aspect when being ‘exotic’ would be a bonus.

Common forms of moddifications include:
  • Skin patterns like spots and stripes
  • Animalesque ears and/or tails
  • Unnatural hair and skin tones
  • Pointy ears
  • Funny pupils
  • Horns
  • Etc.

Note: The vast majority of Genners are native to Jinland, which has a longstanding policy of ‘encouraging’ modified humans from elsewhere to immigrate, while discouraging Jinlanders in general and Genners specifically from emmigrating. Why? Like with most things involving Jinland noone’s really sure.


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