Mostly here to make notes about aspect abuse, but for what it’s worth, due to migration and gen modding, you have a fair bit of flex in the physical appearance of a human character – although the further they drift into ‘outright freakish’, the more likely they are to attract flak from more conventional humans. And possible interest from the Jinland government.

Also, humans are, besides Dragons, the only rage that can use Magic in the WU.

Anywho. Aspects.

Good effects:
- Creator Charisma; humans designed ‘kin to respond well-ish to them; they can push for a social edge in conversation with them.
- Common; in 95% of the known world, humans are the norm, and thus can lose themselves in a crowd/look mundane much easier.
- Creator intuition/design. Most old tech was designed explicitly with humans in mind; humans have a slight edge in intuiting what a peice of tech does, and getting it to work.

-some kin still have issues with humans
-some nasty things(plauges mainly) are more likely to trigger on humans.

The benefits are kind of slim pickings, but then, so are the drawbacks. o-o


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