Kayz DeWildar

General Kayz DeWildar, Emperor of Anglo France, High Gilgamesh of the Dewildar Alliance, and a number of other titles and aquired names I shan’t write out, is a living legend.

Which is, in and of itself, a source of legend itself, seeing as the man was fully adult two centuries ago, and leading armies hither and yon across Europe.

His background prior to showing up in Europe and forming a military empire is sketchy at best. He had(and still has, although it’s drifted terribly) an accent that marked him as being very, very foreign. He continues to have an odd fondness for the two legged runnerbeasts of the East over horses. And he is deeply fond of and sympathetic to dogkin causes, to the point of speaking a number of ‘kinnish languages fairly fluently. Besides that, his background is a cypher, and not one he seems inclined to explain.

Factors that add to his legend, besides his great age: He is(or rather, was; it’s been deacdes since he got into so much as a fistfight), a truly gifted close combat fighter, winning all but the most impossible of fights on the battle field. He had and continues to have a gift for oratory that frankly borders on the supernatural. Extrodinary people are drawn to his service.

All in all, he’s a living King Arthur, with all that implies.

Which is why it’s a bit of a pity his political power is fading, ever so slightly. He doesn’t make public appearances much anymore, and when he does, it becomes increasingly obvious that while he is long lived, he’s far from ageless.

Kayz DeWildar

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