Lonowian Church

The Lonowians….believe in forever.

No, really, that basically sums up their belief system. More acurately: They believe in the Long Now, that the world isn’t going to end, that there’s a lot of future still ahead of us, and as such, it’s really bloody time we got our act together. They also consider people to have a large moral obligation to peoples yet unborn.

The Lonowian church actually predates the apocalypse by…mmm. Probably about a century, century and a half in a form you could really call “religious” as opposed to just “we think it’s a good idea”. Currently one of the largest and most stable societies in North America, largely because one of the side effects of their philosophy is that they tend to frontload resources into making sure a new settlement is going to work; it makes for slow, but also nigh unstopable progress.

Towns and settlements actually run by the Lonowian theocracy tend to be …nice, but rather heavily controlled(they have environmental protection laws from hell, even in a pseudo mideval setting, and varry from encouraging to enforcing a very slow rate of population growth so that it doesn’t outstrip current expansion projects) which means the Church does have a fairly large number of defectors who want to do their own thing.

Their biggest losses in terms of settled locations almost always come from rebellions, which, depending on their scale, are more often simply conceeded that battled over – despite it’s size and organization, the Lonowians don’t usually have a standing army as such, and they consider most wars to be excessively destructive.

The Lonowians have one of the best libraries in the world, and are explicitly interestied in most old writing that can be found. They’ve also got one of the better(but by no means best) tech stashes, and they do use said tech in their projects. Official doctrine is to be extremely warry of overreliance on technology though – it’s far more likely to bring about your downfall than save your tail, as far as they’re concerned.

Largely a North American phenomina, although they’ve had small outposts in Europe for the last thirty to fourty years.

Members are expected to pay a tithe of aproximately 7% of their earnings.

Lonowian Church

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