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Countries & Other Major Political Organizations

  • DeWildar Alliance – The major power is Europe. Technically a federation…I think. Resident races: Humans, Dogkin, Catkin, Bearkin, Whatkin, and Nimmies.
  • Jinland – Mysterious land of not-quite-humans, and isolationist policies. Resident races: Genners, Humans, and very small numbers of Catkin.
  • Wolfkin Russia – Proud Warrior Wolf-people. Resident races: Wolfkin, small numbers of Humans, and evidently at least one enclave of Nimmies.
  • Dog King’s Sweden – Land of the pround, the free, and subtle and long standing racial tensions. Resident races: Mostly dogkin and Humans.
  • Dragon Land – Most of tropical and temperate North and South America. Not a country, so much as a description; they have a Dragon problem. Resident races: Humans, Dogkin, Nimmies, bunnies, and likely a few other minor races.
  • The Lonowian Church – Religious organization based in what was once Nevada; has a strong central leadership, and genuinely does have mysterious long term goals. Has been establishing outposts in Europe for the past 30-40 years.
  • God’s Canvas – A Religion practiced in parts of the Middle East.

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