The Apocalypse

World go boom.

Being articultate this time: 600 – 800 years prior to the games current setting, the world went from a Near Future setting with large numbers of gengineered beastmen, as well as assorted plain old gengineered beast, ultra tech toys, and perhaps even some practical sublight space travel.

But people are still people, and things will sometimes go south, in this case spectacularily.

Givent he gap in time, and the largescale destruction of records that occured, understanding of what happened to make that world this one are a bit sketchy for the general population.

There was a famine, possibly several. There were rebelions – some were ‘kin against their masters, but as many and more were human against human, humans against the interloper beastmen, or between ideaologies that didn’t give one whit whether you have claws or fingernails. There were bombs, traditional and nuclear, wars for territories and resources to replace those destroyed by the bombs. There were plauges both natural and unnatural, and there was Magic freed through unknown means to run wild through the world and add to it’s troubles. A bad scene, all around.

And after it was all said and done – when the petty fights over resources had petered out for want of people to fight them – the world was enough of a mess that populations didn’t really rebound for centuries. They stayed stable, give or take, but growth was painfully slow as people switched over from fragmented remains of the old order to methods of farming and building that didn’t require mass hybridization, or large scale use of herbicides, or mechanized harvest. And learn to face the new chalenges of dragons, feral unicorns, and persistent radioactivity.

The Apocalypse

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