The Party

Mischa: A Bearkin archer and mercenary/scout. Fairly dull: Mischa knows his place in the world, and is quite content with it. He’s along because he got paid. At the moment is the token Sane Man

Banger: A Nimmie with an explosives fixation, and thieving tendencies. The Native Guide who’ll be showing you where the ruins are. Reckless and immoral. Very bright for a nimmie, which can only bring trouble.

Georgie Bunny: Rabbit-woman, mid twenties, foreigner from the distant and exotic land of North America. Mostly a tinker with a strong flair for identifying Old Tech artifacts, even if she can’t necessarily get them working. Tends to flirt with men to get her way. Has a definite weakness for alcohol and other vices when stressed. Mostly lapsed member of the Lonowian Church.

Lenny: Georgie’s pet mute. A pointy-eared not-quite-human with the language skills of a bright dog, and a frankly disturbing degree of strength and acrobatic skill. Dislikes dogkin. Likes attention. Generally acts inappropriately in social situations because they’re boring and incomprehensible to him.

Dorian: A monk of some kind apparently. More news when I’m fully coherent.

The Party

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