Yay fave homebrew! However, I’m sleepy, so this will be a fairly brief rundown.

Whatkin look like an unholy hybrid of a spider monkey, a hyaena, and a box full of knives. They’re tall and lanky, with overlong arms and hand-like feet. Hyaena like head, except with room for a larger brain and rabbity ears. Nine to ten foot long heavily muscled and prehensile tail. Blades on the elbows and the tail.

Scary looking buggers, o’er all.

Culturally varried – they range from a minor subgroup who try to act hyper civilized, to a lot of ‘Townies’ who mainly try to blend in with the predominantly human and dogkin societies of Europe, and the ‘feral’ tribes that control the primaeval forest that now covers much of Belarus.

  • strength
  • agility
  • combat slice-n-dice
  • climbing
  • using your nose
  • hunting
  • walking dead man(staying standing when you should be down and out)
  • reliant on medication
  • tendency to bezerk in battle/under stress
  • big eater
  • bad rep
  • cold intollerant
  • low endurance

Whatkin are very much a high cost/high benefit race.


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