Wolfkin Russia

Covers most of the Western third of modern Russia, although doesn’t extend quite as far south. It’s specifically ‘Wolfkin Russia’ to distinguish it from the mixed race nations to the East, at least one of which also calls itself Russia.

Populated almost exclusively by (unsurprisingly) Wolfkin, Russia is a militant nation, with aproximately one in twenty adults employed dirrectly or indirrectly by the military, and all healthy adults trained as militia forces.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a powderkeg. They’re currently involved in an outright war with Jinland, and at any given time there’s usually 2 – 5 ‘skirmishes’ going on between them and bordering states, including a viscious and protacted territory dispute between them and Belov Woods that’s been running on and off for the past fifty years.

Politically, Wolfkin Russia is divided into six different clans based on fur colour – The Muscovs(White fur), Pedrur(black), Caucaus(Chocolate), Volga(Red), Sibah(Silver) and Est(gold). Each clan has it’s own traditional territory and duties, as well as effective power levels.

Politically, Wolfkin Russia is an Oligarchy, ruled by a six man council, one for each of the tribes. Councilmen are selected by (and usually from) the ruling families of each clan, and theoretically hold the position until death, or until another contender for the position successfully challenges them.

Challenges, or duels, are the basic means of conflict resolution inside Wolfkin Russia; while there is a court system that theoretically handles issues like theft and murder, it tends to get ignored in favour of the disputing parties duking it out or seeing who can run fifteen miles fastest. Because if you can’t defend your honour in a test of might and mind, well then, you obviously deserve to be the target of accusations of murder.

Wolfkin Russia

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